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Monday, November 3, 2008

Definition of Linear Equation

Any straight line in the XY plane can be represented algebraically by an equation of the form

a1x1 + a2x2 + - - - - - - + anxn = b ----------------------- (1)

Where a1, a2 - - - - - - an and b are real constants. An equation of this form is called Linear Equation in the variables x1, x2 - - - - - - xn . The variables in a linear equation are sometimes called Unknown.


strangerland said...

Well someone sent me a link to your blog Rashad, since I frequently post math in my blog. One of my interests is the application of linear algebra to graph theory. My most recent posts have been about the free software package called SAGE. I'm trying to learn how to use SAGE and Python in order to explore the application of Free Boolean Algebra to a combinatorics problem in Graph Theory and Linear Algebra. It looks like it's a good package for the problems you posed in your blog. Keep blogging about math.

significant figure calculator said...

Well, I am here to describe something about linear equation, an algebraic equation in which each term is a constant or the product of a constant and a single power variable known as Linear equation.Linear equations can have one or more variables.

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